Amazon Web Services

One can clearly see that a few years down the line, most of the computing will be done on the cloud. More so with the booming growth of the IoT and Mobile devices. Amazon is the clear leader in the world of cloud computing. Although Azure and Google cloud platforms are chasing fast, but are way behind Amazon. Join me as I play around with the interesting services from AWS.

The AWS documentation contains enough details for each individual service. I will not copy that here. Rather, I will look into the interesting features and use cases for my favorite services

The Serverless World

Two great advantages of Cloud Computing are - pay for what you use, and don't bother beyond the business logic. The Serverless Architecture is the epitome of this philosophy. So I love it. With a serverless architecture, it is possible to develop an application that can scale infinitely, yet costs nothing at rest. Here are some of the interesting serverless applications.

Machine Learning & Data Analytics

AWS provides a range of services to enable the entire AI pipeline. Collecting data to storing, processing, analyzing, training, deploying and using the AI models - AWS provides a variety of solutions for each of these steps. Let's have a look at some of the important ones.