Code is a passion for some. A good code is like a poetry that crisply conveys feelings of the developer, for the machine to understand. The years of IT development have given us thousands of programming languages. Some continue to be popular over the years.

If you are like me, you too would love to learn newer and newer programming languages and databases and development tools each day. Here are my notes as I learnt and continue to learn.

Most programming languages derive from English! If you know English, you should not have a problem learning a new programming language. There are minor differences in the syntax and development paradigms. But there is nothing more. If you have the ability to design, learning a new programming languages should not be a big deal.

Programming Languages

We need to understand the code syntax to create a hello world application. But for doing anything more than that,we need a lot more than the code. We need a well architected and well designed framework - if we want to develop anything meaningful.