Statement of Architecture Work

Based on the Request for Architecture Work (from Preliminary Phase), Phase A produces the Statement of Architecture Work. It can be considered as a contract between the architecting organization and the sponsor of the architecture project. To that extent, it has to be precise and detailed enough to address any possible questions that may arise. It should describe an overall plan to address the request for work. And also propose how the architecture process will addressed the problems identified.

TOGAF suggests the following contents of the Statement of Architecture Work document.

  • Title
  • Architecture project request and background
  • Architecture project description and scope
  • Overview of Architecture Vision
  • Specific change of scope procedures
  • Roles, responsibilities, and deliverables
  • Acceptance criteria and procedures
  • Architecture project plan and schedule
  • Approvals

There is a difference between the Statement of Architecture Work and the Architecture Vision. The Architecture Vision describes the future dream, and the Statement of Architecture Work details the practical implementation aspects.