BTR Assessment

The Business Transformation Readiness Assessment is carried out in Phase A. It is used for evaluating and quantifying the organization’s readiness to undergo change. To be successful in an architecture transformation, it is important that the organization is to accept a change. If there are issues, they need to be identified and dealt with. This assessment is imperative for any successful architecture transformation.

This assessment should be a joint effort between corporate staff, lines of business, and IT planners - to cover all the aspects of the organization that would be impacted by the change.

TOGAF recommends the following activities for assessing a Business Architecture Transformation Capability

  • Determine the readiness factors that will impact the organization
  • Present the readiness factors using maturity models
  • Assess the risks for each readiness factor and identify improvement actions to mitigate the risk
  • Document the findings into the Capability Assessment, and later incorporate the actions into the Implementation and Migration Plan