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AI for Fake News Detection

Social media is great for networking and sharing insights with your friends and contacts. But, there is an unfortunate outcome of this wonderful technology. Fake News - that spreads like fire and can potentially cause a lot of violence and fuel hatred. Here is a study to use AI for detecting such fake news.

Amazon Leadership Principles

From a small store to a whopping 3.6 Billion USD in 2019, is not a joke. That certainly takes a lot more than just hard work and desire to succeed. It is rooted in a strong leadership - guided by wonderful set of principles.

Audio Processing

Sound is an important aspect of nature. For us, it is a major source of information and entertainment. Words form an important part of auditory signals. But there is a lot more to it than just words. Our mind is receptive to various different kinds of sounds and it can use them to draw important conclusions.

What is NLP?

Since ages, our world is bound to human languages. We always wanted to automate a lot of this work. But we always faced a big obstacle - human languages. Nobody could come up with a logical algorithm that could contain a language like English.

What is Computer Vision?

With the latest developments in Big data, we are not short of the data or infrastructure we need to train an AI model. Now, algorithmic developments are pushing the testing errors of intelligent systems to converge to Bayes optimal error.

Neural Networks

A lot of Machine Learning is inspired by how the human mind works. The concept of Neural Networks goes one step further - to take inspiration from the way Neurons are laid out in the human brain.

Statistics - a Refresher

We rarely know everything. Most problems we solve in real life are based on the generalization of our limited knowledge. Statistics is the formal technique that helps us make sense out of such data. Statistics provides a conceptual baseline for machine learning.

Basics of Calculus

Calculus (literally 'small pebble'), is the mathematical study of continuous change, in the same way that geometry is the study of shape and algebra is the study of generalizations of arithmetic operations.

Linear Algebra - a Refresher

Mathematics is the basis of any Engineering. Much more so with abstract sciences like Machine Learning. And Linear Algebra is at the core. It is very important to understand linear algebra if we want to proceed with understanding Machine Learning.